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New D&D Online module

The first of three.

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Turbine has released the first of three planned additional modules for Dungeons & Dragons Online, providing five new dungeons for players to adventure in.

The update, The Litany of the Dead Part One, went live yesterday, and Turbine says the others will follow in due course.

The Litany of the Dead refers to a sacred text, written by three vampire friars, in an attempt by the leader of a Blood of Vol splinter group to achieve godhood, and it just so happens to be lurking somewhere in Stormreach in three parts. Hence three modules.

Turbine's gone to great lengths to explain the update, so if you're into D&DO you'll be wanting to hit the page explaining the changes made by the module and also the one talking about the dungeons in more detail.

And if you've just stumbled in here by accident and somehow your eyes have meandered helpfully down the page, why not give D&DO a go? We thought it wasrather good.

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