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Metal Gear Solid online plans

Details of Subsistence's new bits.

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Konami has elaborated on its plans for multiplayer modes in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, the beefed-up PS2 version of the most recent MGS title, Snake Eater.

Previously Konami had said that there'd be Team Battle and Snake And Enemy modes, but now it seems there are some five different options - Sneaking Missions, Capture Missions, Rescue Missions, Deathmatches and Team Deathmatches - for up to eight players. All will be available via PS2 Online

The latter two sound like nothing new, but we'll be interested to see how the game plays out with the MGS dynamic as opposed to a more traditional third- or first-person action control.

Players will be able to select from Ocelot Unit, GRU or KGB team options and use the full MGS3 control scheme including Close Quarters Combat elements. Players with the best stats will even be able to play as major characters like Ocelot.

Games will take place in key locations from MGS3, as well as some new ones (names being chucked around include Small Forest, Kill House and Abolition Factory - Kojima's clearly been to the PC FPS school of level-naming.

Speaking of the man himself, he had this to say in today's Leipzig statement: "Finally it is possible to battle with players from around the world online at Metal Gear Solid from the comfort of your own home."

"For the online mode, the essence of Metal Gear Solid is retained, with additions of various online rules and original stages. With the continued growth of the culture of Metal Gear Solid, this new online addition, I believe will bring a new way to enjoy and experience the world. I hope fans will look forward to experiencing it."

You can read more about MGS3: Subsistence as part of our previous coverage.

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