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MGS3 servers stay up in Europe

Despite being shut down in USA.

Konami has moved to reassure European gamers that Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence servers will remain online for multiplay, despite the company's decision to switch off the American ones.

"The European MGS3 Subsistence Servers will stay online. Indeed, Konami recently announced a dedicated league system - www.MGS3LEAGUE.com - which will continue to provide services for fans of the game," the publisher said on its website.

Presumably this is because MGS3: Subsistence only came out here recently, whereas it's been out in the US since March of last year. We thought it was pretty amazing, if you're wondering.

Mind you, keeping your servers online for one year seems a bit tight. Even EA does better than that. What do you reckon, chaps? Would this affect your decision to go with a Konami online game in the future?

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