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Panzer Elite Action exp demo

Dunes of War. Sands great.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

JoWooD has released a playable demo of Panzer Elite Action standalone expansion Dunes of War, which is being developed by Zootfly.

Dunes of War continues with the World War II tank stuff, as you might imagine, and those titular dunes are ones to be found in Tunisia, in the demo's case, as that's the single-player mission you're allowed to try out.

The full expansion features a pair of campaigns for the Germans and Allies, ten new multiplayer maps and Conquest and CTF game modes for 32-player multiplay.

We weren't all that hot on Panzer Elite Action, you may remember, but thankfully you won't need to own that to take on the Dunes of War expansion if the demo tickles your turret.

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