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Sega doing new handheld titles

For PSP and Game Boy Advance.

Sega is hard at work on two new games for handheld consoles - one for the PSP, and one for the Game Boy Advance.

The PSP title hasn't been named yet, but we do know it's being developed by Totally Games - the studio behind X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Secret Weapons Over Normandy. Plus, most excitingly, it'll be another instalment in an old days Sega series.

"We are thrilled to be bringing a classic Sega game back to life in an exciting and totally involving way for the PSP," said Totally Games president Lawrence Holland.

He went on to describe the game as "a run and gun blast-a-thon... Drawing its inspiration from such timeless arcade classics as Robotron and Smash TV."

Next up is The Tower SP, a GBA exclusive in development from Vivarium. It's said to offer "an in-depth sim experience" that lets you design, build and manage the day-to-day running of your very own skyscraper. You can choose whether you want to build a bargain basement effort or a tower of luxury condos, and decide where to place apartments, hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, shops and of course lifts.

The happier your tenants are, the more money you'll earn - which means you'll need to ensure there are enough facilities for everyone and keep rental prices down. You'll also have to deal with emergencies such as fires, burglar raids, and cockroach infestations.

The ultimate goal is to earn a Five Star rating for your building and attain "Tower" status. To do this, you'll need to complete a series of mission objectives and create a building that's well-designed and efficient. If you muck it all up your tenants will start to leave in their droves, thereby reducing your star rating.

There's no word on when Sega's new PSP title is out, but The Tower SP is down for a March 2006 release.

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