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Third Tomb Raider film?

Eidos in talks with Paramount.

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Eidos' Ian Livingstone has revealed that the company is in talks with Paramount about a third Tomb Raider film. Before you get too excited though, beware that it's very much in the planning stages.

"Nothing's been signed yet and we still need to hire a script writer," said Livingstone in an interview published on Eurogamer today.

"The film's not been green lit yet, so for me it'd be ideal to tie in a movie script with a game script at the same time, to have them both in harmony rather than out of kilter - which has happened in the past."

Speaking of the past, this isn't the first we've heard of a third silver-screen outing for Lara - in the past, actress Angelina Jolie is said to have expressed an interest in reprising the role, while Chris Barrie, who also appeared in films 1 and 2, told a UK newspaper that a third film was "on the slate" in an interview last year.

Eidos feels that Lara Croft has been fully rejuvenated by the success of Tomb Raider: Legend, handled by Crystal Dynamics rather than UK-based Core Design, who Livingstone confesses were a bit worn out by the experience of making six Tomb Raider games in a row.

The development veteran was speaking prior to next week's Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival address, where his main focus will be a screening called The Legend of Lara Croft - a "complete history" of Lara, "from the very early designs right through to Tomb Raider: Legend, and a little glimpse of what's happening in the future".

For more on that and Lara's fortunes in general, check out part two of our Livingstone interview, following on from yesterday's part one which focused on the battle of the next-gen consoles.

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