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Something for the weekend

PS2 theme park events planned.

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Sony has announced details of a series of PlayStation 2 Freedom events at the UK's top theme parks on September 1-4.

You can head over to Thorpe Park to try out games such as God of War, Tekken 5, SingStar and hear performances from Faithless, Feeder and Razorlight. And have a go on the rides, obviously, which include the Colossus, Detonator and Nemesis Inferno.

Or why not take a trip to Alton Towers, where there will be breakdancing, sumo wrestling and loads of PS2 games to try out including SEGA Super Monkey Ball Deluxe - which you can have a go at from the comfort of the special SEGA monkey cage, apparently.

Tickets for the Thorpe Park event are priced at £28 for adults and £20 for children. Alton Towers weekender tickets are £22 and £15 if you pre-order online, a whole extra pound each if you pre-order by phone, and a whopping £29 for adults and £21 for children if you buy on the gate.

More information about the events is available from the PS2 Freedom Weekender Website.

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