Tekken 5

Tekken coming to PSP?

So it would seem.

Word from Japan is that Namco is bringing one of the most popular fighting games of all time to the PSP.

Creators and Players on Tekken 5

Director Harada-san and world champ Ryan Hart talk to us.

The King of Iron Fist is dead, long live The King of Iron Fist. Tekken 5 has brought 3D fighting back to the top of the agenda on PS2, and we have the exclusive low down on how Namco hauled its hottest property back from the brink.

Tekken 5

Tekken 5

Namco makes a decent fist of it.

It's stating the obvious but games aren't movies, and they're not music. At their best, games are activities that require mastery of performance - rather like sport. At their very best they also reward interpretation - rather like art. The ultimate gaming experiences demand to become part of your lifestyle, holding you to ransom with their boundless rewards. Tekken 5 is a paragon of such virtues, the martial equivalent of Konami's sublime updates of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Iron Fist for sale - some light rust

Since launch last year in the arcades Tekken 5 has been greeted as a return to form. The exaggerated snappiness of moves is back (even jabs land with the power of a 1000V electric shock!), T4's claustrophobic, higgledy-piggledy fighting arenas ousted in favour of broader and flat-as-a-pancake expanses to exploit. New characters Feng, Asuka and Raven showcase the new face of 'Tekken-flava' one-on-one combat - an exhausting directory of individual techniques to absorb, then cherry-pick for personal favourite routines. Rest assured the experts have their work cut out trying to master all of this, but Namco has also remembered that Tekken is famously easy to enjoy even if you elect to play using your elbows. It's as dumbfounding or just plain dumb as your skills and/or attitude will allow - and this is traditionally where Tekken has the edge over its arch-rival Virtua Fighter, but more on that later.

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