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Guitar Hero man to visit UK

And show off the sequel.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Good news for fans of rockin' PS2 title Guitar Hero - creative director Josh Randall will be visiting the UK this weekend to tell us all about how it came into being and show off the sequel.

Randall will be attending the Cybersonica Festival, which will take place at the Science Museum's Dana Centre from Friday 19th - Saturday 20th May. He'll be delivering a keynote speech about the history of developer Harmonix (which also brought us Frequency, Amplitude and Karaoke Stage), and the future of the Guitar Hero series.

He'll also talk about how new controllers - such as the replica Gibson (no relation, sadly) SG controller which comes with Guitar Hero - are changing the way we play games, and the social impact of music titles.

"Games like Guitar Hero have offered a glimpse at the future of music gaming and I hope my insight can help inspire both current and future pioneers of the medium," said Randall.

"I also can't wait to see the reaction Guitar Hero II receives."

If you want to hear Randall's speech, you'll need to be at the Dana Centre at 5.15pm on the Friday.

Cybersonica - or as it's fully titled, the Cybersonica International Festival of Music, Sound, Art and Technology - is now in its fifth year. It's aimed at anyone interested in the way new technologies are shaping the work of musicians, DJs, digital artists, software developers and the like, and will "bring together a vibrant community of sonic and audiovisual innovation." We imagine it'll be quite noisy. You can read more about it over at the Cybersonica website.

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