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NBA Ballers sequel coming

And so is a PSP game.

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Midway has announced that a sequel to PS2 basketball game NBA Ballers is on the way.

Titled NBA Ballers: Phenom, the game will be set in Los Angeles and will feature interactive environments. You can expect two-on-two matches for the first time, and a single-player story mode which sees you beginning your balling career on the city streets.

If you do well, you'll get spotted by the NBA - and then it's a matter of working your way up through the ranks to become a sports superstar. You'll be able to win sponsorship deals, launch your own fashion range and even embark on a singing career.

Midway has also confirmed that a PSP instalment in the series is on the way, titled NBA Ballers: Rebound. Based on the first game, it'll let you go one-on-one with your opponents, and we'll bravely predict that there will be some kind of Wi-Fi multiplayer option.

NBA Ballers: Phenom and NBA Ballers: Rebound are due out in spring 2006.

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