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No Diablo or Starcraft sequels at BlizzCon, says Blizzard rep

A WoW expansion instead?

Diablo and Starcraft fans with eyes resting on Blizzard Entertainment's inaugural BlizzCon event, taking place in California in late October, will be disappointed to learn that the "unannounced product" the developer plans to unveil is a sequel to neither.

Speaking to CNN/Money's Chris Morris, PR coordinator George Wang said that the announcement would be linked to MMORPG World of Warcraft instead - suggesting that some form of expansion pack is in the offing.

Indeed, BlizzCon - tickets for which are around $125 - seems to be quite heavily weighted toward the needs and wants of World of Warcraft fans. Said Wang to Morris, "we decided we want to get more in touch with our fans. We wanted to make it a cool, party event - not just a convention where people go and see a couple of exhibits and that sort of thing."

Those interested in attending can read more about BlizzCon online.