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New breeds for Euro Nintendogs

This October.

Nintendogs, the DS puppy sim that has taken Japan by storm, is all set for its American and European releases later this year - and a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed yesterday that European gamers can look forward to new breeds specific to the region, just as their American counterparts can do.

Nintendo has yet to reveal which breeds Eurogamers can expect to get their leashes on when the game is released here this October, but like the US version there will be various options that cater to our continental puppy preferences.

The platform holder had earlier revealed that Nintendogs, brainchild of Shigeru Miyamoto, would ship in the US this August.

Neither the Golden Retriever, Husky or Boxer are featured in any of the Japanese versions, but Americans will get the chance to select them along with the usual collection of poodles, pinschers, corgis, beagles, Yorkshire terriers and those really weird-looking tiny ones favoured by Hollywood celebrities that you just want to crush in your fist till their big beady black eyes pop out like living marbles.

As in Japan, both Chihuahua and Friends and Miniature Dachshund and Friends versions will be available, but the Shiba edition has been renamed Labrador and Friends for the US market.

Each edition lets you select your puppy from a choice of 18 breeds, and then puts you in charge of feeding, watering, walking, washing, brushing, de-fleaing, training, entertaining and picking up doggy dirt after it. Honest, it's more fun than it sounds (look out for a preview of the Japanese version coming soon).

Screenshots can be found here.