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Lady Master Chief unveiled

Read all about her past.

Bungie has revealed more details of Spartan 458 (otherwise known as Nicole) - the female Master Chief-type who's set to make an appearance in Dead or Alive 4.

Apparently Nicole was born in 2531 in New Legaspi, Mars, and was abducted at the age of six by Office of Naval Intelligence operatives. They stuck her in the Spartan II program, an initiative designed to produce really really hard soldiers.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and Nicole has found herself trapped in the 21st century after her unit got caught out by "a freak slipspace anomaly" while they were preparing for a mission on Nassau Station. Wouldn't you know it, the anomaly created "a semi-stable 'bubble' in the space/time continuum" and now Nicole is sitting around waiting for the bubble to pop.

In the meantime she's tasked with guarding Nassau Station but she can't use lethal force, because killing someone would be changing history and that would be, well, A Bad Thing.

If this all sounds a bit silly to you, get over it, says Bungie: "How can we say all that with a straight face? Shut up is how.

"How does this explain why she's fighting a schoolgirl in a prehistoric oasis? Silence fool! How does this explain a very cool secret on a Casino-inspired level? Shut your noisehole is how." Righto.

You can read more about how Bungie and Team Ninja worked together on DOA4, and find out what Nicole's favourite food is amongst other fascinating facts, over at Bungie.net.

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