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Hollywood names join EverQuest II voice cast

Christopher Lee and Heather Graham get involved.

Lord of the Rings actor Christopher Lee and Austin Powers veteran Heather Graham will take up opposite voice acting roles in Sony Online Entertainment's forthcoming EverQuest sequel, the developer revealed this week.

Lee will voice Lucan D'Lere, the one thousand year-old evil lord of the city Freeport, while Graham will pitch in as Antonia Bayle, Queen of Qeynos and leader of the game's good guys.

Lee and Graham will be joined on the bill by as many as 1,700 other, minor voice actors handling a total of around 70,000 lines of dialogue between them all. EverQuest II is one of the first MMORPGs to embrace full scale voice acting.

"Christopher Lee is an icon in the entertainment industry, having been a part of some of the greatest fantasy and science fiction franchises in history, and he has truly brought Lucan D’Lere to life," reckons SOE president John Smedley.

"Heather Graham embodies the spirit of fantasy, giving life to Antonia Bayle, the leader of the forces of good. Both deliver compelling performances for our players that blur the line between blockbuster Hollywood films and interactive gaming."

EverQuest II is currently in beta and is due out in Europe on November 12th according to Ubisoft, which is distributing the game in line with its existing SOE EverQuest deal.

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