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Grabbed by the Gold

Rare's first Xbox title is finished.

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Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Rare's first major release since their defection to Xbox and one of the most unlikely titles in gaming history, has finally gone gold and should be available in the US from October 21st and in Europe from November 14th.

As Rare's first published Xbox title (although they've polished off a couple of GBA releases since Microsoft bought them), GBTG will perhaps generate unfair criticism. Having played it, we know it's polished, innocent and more than a little bit charming, but it's also quite short (we made it through half the game in a little over three hours) and was growing repetitive when we left it, and it's not quite the $375 million placebo that Kameo might've been.

It feels like one for the family though - like Paper Mario, or even Rare's own Star Fox Adventures before it - and deserves more than just a fleeting glance, a point we tried to make when we took a spin through Ghoulhaven Hall, the game's posh but poltergeisty setting, and brought you in-depth impressions.

We'll be bringing you our assembled thoughts on the full game closer to its November release date - and if that changes in light of the gold announcement, we'll let you know. And please keep an eye on this one, because it's got a skeleton disco and crazy pirates going Yarr!

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