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SEGA assembling next-gen Racing Studio in UK

Crazy Taxi and SEGA Rally to appear on next-gen formats from UK-based start-up according to job advert.

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SEGA is constructing a new UK development studio to focus on next-generation racing titles based on some of the publisher's most successful IP, including Crazy Taxi and SEGA Rally, according to a report in UK trade mag MCV.

"There was an opportunity for us to capitalise on the potential [of our IP] by working with the very best people in the industry to move these franchises onto next-gen technology," head of senior product development Guy Wilday commented.

"The studio will concentrate on innovative new iterations of existing franchises and on the development of new game IP, not ports of existing franchises," he added. A job advert for the new "Racing Studio" indicated that successful applicants will be working on titles including SEGA Rally - a seemingly unrelated PlayStation 2 version of which is currently under way in Japan - and Crazy Taxi.

SEGA is currently scouting locations for premises and building a core team. "Locating the studio in the centre of the country is the ideal positioning to attract the best development talent from both studios in the south and north of England," Wilday noted.

SEGA of Europe said it had nothing to add to the report carried by MCV.

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