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Streetfighting with Gordon Freeman

Yup, "new" video.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

"Remember when we thought Black Mesa was as bad as it could get?" asks Barney as he shuffles along a dingy alley wall. The scene then opens to a street peppered with rubble, burning cars and gunfire, and a large steel structure at the end. Enemy troops pop their heads up to fire a few pot-shots, but Gordon has other ideas as he pulls the pin from a grenade and tosses it across the road. Seconds later two bodies are flung into the air twirling like rag dolls, one ricocheting off an upturned car before landing right at Gordons feet.

He sets off down the street then, leading two others through crumbling old buildings around and behind the barricade at the end of the street, emerging to pick off troops one by one, and watching one tumble from his post in a skynest. Suddenly, a horrible whine as a massive great manatee thing comes flying over the skyline, causing power lines to twist and swing in the breeze it creates. Fade to black.

Yeah there's a new Half-Life 2 video available over Steam, as well as 3D Gamers and FileShack. 123MB my lovelies.

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