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LOTR 360 demo today

Plus, NCAA for US/Canada.

Xbox 360 owners who've dispensed with yesterday's Frogger release and picked their way through all the other recent demos might want to check in with Live Marketplace anyway later - as a Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II demo is likely to make an appearance.

That's according to GameSpot, which reports that a demo is due out today - although there's no sign of it at the time of publication - featuring single and one-on-one multiplayer elements.

The Battle for Middle-earth II is a 360 port of the PC real-time strategy game of the same name, and, conscious that RTS is an unusual genre for consoles, EA is planning to include a tutorial so you can find your way around the controller a bit, along with the first mission of the War in the North campaign.

And, if you're reading this in the US or Canada, you might also be interested to learn that EA has put up a demo of NCAA Football 07 for 360s in the US and Canada, too.