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Watch SOCOM TV ads

And, surprisingly, laugh!

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony sent us an email this morning proclaiming that their new SOCOM adverts - which you can stream from the interweb here - were their "craziest yet". Given the potential opportunity to discredit this claim, we scampered off in the direction of the website and fired the two adverts up. The terrifying truth, and we're sorry you had to hear this from us, is that, well, they're actually not all that bad. In fact, we laughed. Quite a lot.

We will of course be launching a full public inquiry (none of this select committee/pub quiz nonsense) to try and establish who made them, and whether they were familiar with the three Ps of videogame advertising: patronising, pathetic and puerile. On this evidence, they're talented, knowledgeable and potentially even familiar with the subject matter. How did this happen? Along with a couple of other recent Sony and Microsoft ads, SOCOM threatens to set dangerous new precedents by making people who watch TV game adverts remember what they were actually about.

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