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Onimusha wireless katana due Stateside

Lucky bastards.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Remember the Onimusha 3 "Soul Controller"? Course you do - there aren't many other wireless katana peripherals doing the rounds (more's the pity, really).

As you may recall, we were thinking about importing one from Japan (thanks to Lik-Sang), our only concern being that it might be a little difficult to read the instructions. That and the faintest of possibilities it won't work on our bastardised hardware.

In which case, we have good news for... ourselves, in that Japanese manufacturer Hori has established an American arm, and plans to release the Soul Controller as its first product when Onimusha 3 is released in the States this May. Although they haven't fixed a price yet, it costs around €125 in Japan.

For more information on the Soul Controller (including how it works, what it looks like, etc), read this earlier item. Assuming nothing gets in the way, we'll bring you a rundown on how it works and whether it's the ultimate "executive toy" (or whatever) sometime after Onimusha 3's May release Stateside. Onimusha 3 is due out in Europe sometime this year.

Oh, and if anybody from LucasArts is reading... Well, do I really need to draw you a picture?

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