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Project Zero 3 dated for Europe

Take-Two to publish this one.

Take-Two will publish Tecmo's latest survival horror title Fatal Frame III: The Tormented for PS2 in Europe, the publisher's announced. The previous two in the series were released here by Wanadoo and Ubisoft respectively.

As with the previous instalments, it'll go by the name Project Zero instead. Project Zero 3: The Tormented, then.

Due out on February 24th and already highly rated in the USA, The Tormented puts you in the role of Rei Kurosawa, a young lady haunted by visions of her dead fiancé. Unfortunately for Rei, the haunting takes on an even more sinister twist when she's touched by an old crone in a dream and wakes up with a nasty painful tattoo gradually spreading all over her body.

It's part of a curse, it seems, and the key to sorting it out is within the House of Sleep, another nasty mansion, which she'll have to explore, using the series' traditional camera to snap at ghosts when they attack.

Whereas PZ1 was about young Miku and the second was about some twins, The Tormented actually has three playable characters, including the return of Miku. Rei and her are also joined by Kei Amakura, who's assisting Rei since she started locking herself up following the death of her fiancé.

Fans of the first two ought to be in their element, according to the US critics, while newcomers will be well treated too, with plenty of stuff lying around to help fill in any blanks.

We'll be having a crack at it all closer to its European release - perhaps even sooner - and in the meantime Take-Two's released six screenshots to give you something to look at.