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New Deus Ex 2 footage

Not long now kids.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With just three weeks to go until Deus Ex: Invisible War reaches stores in the US, Ion Storm is understandably keen to keep us aware of its imminent arrival, willfully leaking out new content like a faulty valve. For those of you wishing to spoil it a bit for yourselves (we couldn't help it, it's our job unfortunately), there are six new gameplay videos available over at Gamer's Hell.

The new footage (which appears to be captured from the Xbox version) shows off the new HUD quite effectively, as well as portraying a much stealthier side to the game than we've been seeing in recent trailers, and one that has much in common with the original thankfully. We were particularly excited about the new feature exhibited by Alex D - the game's protagonist - in the third video, but we wouldn't want to spoil it for you. Go on. Watch them. Join ussssssss.

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