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More Enemy Territory details

Quaking in its bootcamps.

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id Software and developer Splash Damage have shed some light on the next instalment to their first-person shooter line-up, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

The PC title will be powered by the DOOM III engine, but taking place across a number of varied environments, including outdoors, with potentially jungle and desert regions in the offering.

The combination of the game's setting (it takes place during the conflict between the Earth Defence Force and evil Strogg alien invaders) and use of its previously announced megatexture technology ("The whole planet's one big texture!"), will allow a variation of properties across its levels to change the way a player interacts with its environment. For example, sand creates problems for land vehicles but is quiet to walk on, while asphalt provides more noise but better traction.

Based on id and Raven's impending Quake 4 (in case you couldn't guess by the subtitle), Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has yet to get a release date. We'll keep you posted.

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