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Rockstar Vienna shuts down

Publisher confirms closure.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Rockstar has confirmed to Eurogamer that its Austrian development studio, Rockstar Vienna, has been shut down.

Rockstar Vienna is best known for producing Xbox versions of the Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto games. A former member of staff contacted us with news of the closure earlier, and it was also reported by designer Jurie Horneman in a blog post.

"This morning, as I came into work, I was greeted by security guards," Horneman wrote.

"It turned out Take-Two has closed their Rockstar Vienna office, effectively immediately, 'due to the challenging environment facing the videogame business and our company during this platform transition.'"

This morning, a Rockstar spokesperson told us: "Yes, we can confirm the studio was closed on Thursday."

"Employees will be offered packages in accordance with Austrian law, as well as other job opportunities within Take-Two and Rockstar Games where possible."

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