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Daxter gets a PSP outing

Jak's furry friend lines up to star in his very own handheld adventure.

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Fans of the Jak series tend to be divided when it comes to his furry sidekick - you either love him or you hate him so much you want to kick him to death.

Those who count themselves in the former category will be pleased to know that Daxter will soon be getting his very own game for the first time. No official title or release date has been announced, but we do know that it's "an action adventure game being developed exclusively for the Sony PSP."

That's according to developer Ready At Dawn, which confirmed the news on its official website. The company was co-founded by Didier Malenfant, an ex-Naughty Dog who worked on titles including Crash Team Racing and the first Jak & Daxter game.

The news follows Sony's announcement that Jak X: Combat Racing is currently in development for PS2, and Naughty Dog says you'll be able to share content between the two titles.

"If you've got both games and connect your PSP to your PS2, you'll be able to get characters from Daxter PSP into Jak as racers," said ND co-president Evan Wells.

"You can select them, and also probably special vehicle customizations and looks, because we have personalisation of vehicles." He also mentioned "stickers" you could apply to make your vehicle look like it's from Daxter PSP.

Daxter PSP - or whatever it's really called - is expected to go on show at this year's E3.

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