Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak 2, 3 and Combat X Racing launch for PS4 next week

Here's an early Christmas present for PlayStation 2 fans - Jak 2, Jak 2 and Jak X Combat Racing will launch for PS4 next Wednesday, 6th December.

It follows a re-release of the original Jak and Daxter for PS4 earlier in the year.

Each will be available separately or as part of a bundle. They'll output at 4K on a PlayStation Pro, or otherwise will be 1080p. Here's how they look:

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Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak X: Combat Racing

Not the cynical cash-in we thought it was.

Sometimes the games industry can be so cretinously predictable you wish some of them would just sod off to Switzerland and make watches or something. At least their unerring time-keeping abilities would be considered a good thing over there. In the land of videogaming, the crushing inevitability that the excellent Jak trilogy would be followed by a less-than-essential kart racing title was almost too depressing to bear. Surely not. Surely Naughty Dog - the beloved Naughty Dog of some of the finest platforming games of this generation - was above that kind of lowest common denominator nonsense? Surely it had better, more interesting, more innovative games to work on?

Apparently not.

After the Crash Bandicoot franchise descended into a similar amorphous farce at the end of the last generation, we perhaps expected a smidgen more imagination from one of the finest developers on the face of the planet, but no; here we are playing a back-to-basics Mario Kart clone; a genre so done-to-death that the Grim Reaper himself got bored and moved onto World War II games.

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FeatureThe Jak X factor

"It's not a Kart racer."

You could see this coming a mile off. Platform gaming specialist reaches the logical conclusion of its successful trilogy and works out how it can extend the brand while it gets to grips with next gen technology. Answer: churn out a cutesy racing game in 12 months featuring "all your favourite characters from the gaming universe".