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PC's Knights of the Gold Republic

Light side points for BioWare, then.

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BioWare has confirmed in a post to its official forum that the PC incarnation of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has gone gold. As assistant producer Derek French puts it, "Let the crazyness begin!"

Knights of the Old Republic appeared on Xbox on September 12th this year and rapidly became one of the most popular console exclusives of the year, despite its weighty premise and Sarlacc pit-deep gameplay. In fact, we called it "the best Star Wars game since X-Wing and/or TIE Fighter," and then "RPG of the year" and then "game of the year" as we gradually let our inhibitions slide and just basked in our love of the thing - a thing that PC owners have been more than patient in waiting the requisite two and a half months to get their hands on.

Not long now, chaps. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic should be gracing your PCs on November 28th according to the latest dates from LucasArts' European bosom-buddies Activision. You can read slightly more about the PC version of the game in our interview with lead designer James Ohlen.

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