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Broken Pen: The Sleeping Author

Charles Cecil's biro mightier than the sword?

Revolution fans in the vicinity of York might fancy a trip to their local Gamestation store this Saturday (15th), where Charles Cecil, the creator of the Broken Sword series, is showing up in person for a game signing session.

The latest in the adventure series, subtitled The Sleeping Dragon hits the shelves the day before on PS2, Xbox and PC, and those who can't make the journey up (or down) to York can indulge in the world's first virtual game signing if they visit the dedicated forum. You'll be posted a signed copy from the man himself, possibly written in his own blood, we'd wager.

Cecil commented: "We're hugely flattered by the support we've received from Broken Sword fans to-date and we're excited at the opportunity of talking to our players on a one-to-one basis and signing copies of their games."

If you can get to York, it's well worth having a chat with Charles, genuinely one of the nicest men in the games industry. If not, just buy the game - apparently over five years in the making and "the future of the adventure gaming genre" according to this press blurb. We're playing it ourselves later this week, so we'll let you know how accurate that statement is…

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