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Sony working on music mixing package

Is this news? It is now!

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We're not sure if this is "news" per se, but we can't find anything about it on the Internet, so we're guessing it's one of those things that goes into official magazine copy and then gets announced for the rest of us mugs later in the month - and not just something we're too drunk to remember.

What are we talking about? A bit of music mixing software for PS2 called Sony: DJ, given a few column inches in the news section of the latest Official PS2 Mag here in the UK.

According to the report, Sony: DJ gives us 50 licensed tracks (unconfirmed when they went to press), and virtual decks to mix and scratch them together. It sounds like we'll be able to sample things - perhaps with a USB microphone ala Music 3000 - and it's no doubt aimed at stealing any thunder Microsoft might be expecting for its Music Mixer title - currently set for a November 14th release on Xbox.

We sent Sony a missive earlier asking for further information on DJ, so if we hear anything back we'll be sure to let you know. Oh, and if we're just being monumentally thick and you've been following this all over the place for months, then please accept our apologies.

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