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Id Software programmer joins Ensemble cast

Amicable split for Doom man.

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Programmer Graeme Devine has left Doom III developer Id Software for Microsoft-owned Ensemble Studios under amicable terms, according to reports. The move between the two Dallas-based companies will see Devine focusing primarily on game design, although his official title is reportedly "game developer".

Devine joined Id Software in 1999 where he worked on Quake III Arena, its mission pack Team Arena and various other projects, and he contributed to Doom III in roles ranging from project manager to designer to programmer.

His career began in the early 80s porting games like Pole Position for Atari while he was still at school here in the UK, and he later co-founded Trilobyte, best known for The 7th Guest and follow-up The 11th Hour.

Devine has also contributed to the games industry as a board member of the non-profit International Game Developers Association (IGDA) including a one-year stint as chairman in 2002-2003.

Other former Id Software developers already working at Ensemble include Sandy Peterson (who worked on Doom, Doom II and Quake) and Paul Jaquays, a former level designer. Ensemble Studios is the Microsoft-owned developer of the Age of Empires series, currently working on an expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Age of Mythology entitled The Titans.

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