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Fable's Lost Chapters find Xbox

PC redux of Xbox RPG coming to, er, Xbox.

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Fable: The Lost Chapters will be released on Xbox as well as PC, Microsoft announced on Friday in a press release that got lost in the (e)mail.

Due out this September on PC, Lost Chapters is something of a "Director's Cut" that adds new regions, quests and some of those all-ambiguous "enhanced story elements" to the Big Blue Box/Lionhead-developed role-playing game, and will be released on Xbox in "late autumn".

Fable was originally an Xbox exclusive, of course, so it's not completely surprising to see this expanded edition wiggle its way back to the Microsoft format - although it's taken a while to confirm, after Lionhead master Peter Molyneux first hinted at the move back in April.

We've asked Microsoft whether existing Fable owners will be able to get the new content at a discount rate, perhaps via Live or somesuch, and hope to hear back later today.

Assuming they can't get it at a different rate, however, they'll have to pay £19.99 for The Lost Chapters package - same as everyone else. The game will cost just $19.99 in the USA.

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