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Lionhead's other new title

'Greatest game ever', says Peter.

Not content with the level of excitement stirred up by the announcement that Fable 2 is coming to Xbox 360, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has revealed that the studio is also at work on a game so good it will make you breakfast. Er...

Speaking in an E3 Q&A session, Molyneux said: "I can announce that we're working on another title at Lionhead but I can't tell you anything about it.

"Other than it will be the greatest game of all time," he added with a chuckle.

When asked by a member of the audience, rather bizarrely, whether the game will "make our beds and tuck us in at night", Molyneux replied: " It will not only make the bed. It will make you not want to get out of bed. It will also make you breakfast."

Could Molyneux be referring to Dmitri, the game he previously told us will allow any one who plays it to "relive their life, their entire individual life"? He didn't say, sadly.

Turning to the altogether more tangible topic of Fable 2, Molyneux said that Lionhead has been working on the game for "a couple of years now", but that he's not mentioned it before because "I learned my lesson in terms of the press not to blow my mouth off every time I think of an idea."

Molyneux explained that his main aim with Fable 2 to is to make people "feel like they are truly emotionally engaged... I want you to care. And I can't tell you how we're going to do that." Right.

According to Molyneux, the whole making people care thing is "far, far more important than any feature I can suggest. Far more important than technology, far more important than storyline...

"It's not just, "Wow, my gun can fire 500 bullets rather than 400 bullets." It's, "Wow, I've just shot someone, and that person relied on me or cared about me in this game," and making you feel like you really have shot someone. That's what I think is more important. That's what I think as a designer I should be thinking about."

That and keeping his trap shut, obviously. At the end of the Q&A session, Molyneux proudly announced: "I've been very clever. I haven't answered a single question really, I've just danced around the houses." Well done there.

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