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GUN slung at PSP

Cowboy pocket.

Activision's announced a PSP version of Wild West shooter GUN.

It's being developed by Rebellion (cor, they get around a bit don't they?) in conjunction with original scribes Neversoft, and should be out this autumn.

In it, players take on the role of Cotton White, a gunslinger six-shooting his way around the late-1800s Wild West, taking on all of the stuff from the recent console versions as well as new side-missions, quick-play modes and multiplayer. There's also talk of new gameplay features, although we've yet to hear what those are.

Anyway, expect GUN Showdown to feature in some capacity at E3 next month, and in the meantime Activision's released some screenshots, including one of the smallest gunslinger in the west.

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GUN Showdown


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