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WipEout PSP extras big in Japan

Downloadable content already available over there, despite promises that we'd get it first.

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Japanese PSP owners can now download the first batch of extra WipEout Pure content from the game's official website.

It's a simple matter - providing you can read Japanese - of linking the PSP up with a wireless router or HotSpot and saving the 3.7MB add-on, which is entitled Gamma Pack 1, to Memory Stick. The download won't work with American PSPs.

The pack contains one new track, Staten Park, a new vehicle called the Tigron, and a menu skin. Once downloaded, players can integrate them into their own custom tournaments. Monthly updates are promised from now on, with the total amount of content due for release adding up to around 40MB.

Interestingly, the content has been released just a week or so ago after a Sony Liverpool executive said they'd be waiting for the PSP to arrive in Europe.

"We want to make sure all downloadable content isn't already out in Japan and America before the European launch," studio communications manager Nino Ceraolo said last week. But at least he was right about the content being free.

There's no word yet as to when content compatible with US PSPs will be released. Or, of course, as to when the PSP will arrive in Europe at all - so just be grateful for what you've got, yankees.

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