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Mega Man remakes for PSP

Mega Man 1 and Mega Man X.

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Capcom's planning to release redesigned versions of Mega Man (NES) and Mega Man X (SNES) on PlayStation Portable in early 2006 in the USA, and both will feature all sorts of new elements including voice acting and modified level designs, as well as individual new features.

Mega Man, first, will be dubbed Mega Man Powered Up. The audio and video have been totally reworked - the levels are modified with new item locations, and new techniques for overcoming obstacles, while each of the eight boss battles will be preceded by a cut-scene - complete with voice acting.

Nostalgic types can also listen to the original background audio if they prefer, while Capcom's also throwing in a mode that allows you to play through using the NES original's level configurations.

On top of that, there'll be a level editor allowing you to design your own stages, and you'll unlock more level-ed options by collecting item packs in the main game. Once you've made something, you can use the PSP's Wi-Fi feature to share it with friends, and its Download mode to grab user-made stuff off the 'net.

Not content with that, Capcom's throwing in Mega Man Challenge 100 - a set of 100 different short stages and challenges to keep you interested - along with two new boss characters, and the ability to actually play as the boss robots in the main game, amusingly.

Mega Man X, meanwhile, rejoins us as Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Again, the graphics have been reworked - rendered as 3d models, in fact - and there'll be similar rearrangement of levels, music, the addition of voice acting and cut-scenes.

When you finish the game, you'll also be able to try out a new scenario played out in the role of X's arch-enemy Vile, promising a greater emphasis on combat.

As another completion incentive, Capcom's throwing in an animated movie that sheds light on the origins of the Mega Man X series.

Mega Man fans - and there must be tons of them given that Capcom's made over 30 of the buggers - can expect to get their hands on both games in early 2006 in the States. We'll let you know Capcom's plans for Europe when we can.

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