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Hulk DVD ships with Xbox demo

On the same disc. "Ooh!"

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Image credit: Eurogamer

This afternoon we have good news for the seven-hundred-or-so-thousand UK-based Xbox owners who didn't buy The Hulk: you're being given a chance to make amends. Although we probably put you off, as of November 17th you'll be able to make your own minds up, because the DVD release of The Hulk movie will also play host to an Xbox demo of the game - the first time an Xbox game demo has been included on a film DVD.

The demo in question will be offer one playable level of the Xbox version, although the charming press release (first word: unique) doesn't say which one. Of course, anybody with a reasonably well-specced PC can download a demo of the game already, but, sod that, you should buy the film anyway. Because it was good. Oh yes it was! We can't hear you!

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