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Things And Stuff: Thursday News Roundup

(Updated throughout the day.) Football Manager-related Euro 2004 Tournament Tracker, Battlefield Vietnam and Hidden & Dangerous 2 patches.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's not quite game-related, but judging by the number of flags whistling past the window hanging out of cars, it's something that the nation will be interested in. Probably the entire continent, in fact. So we might as well mention it. Mention what? The European Championships 2004 Tournament Tracker, courtesy of Football Manager 2005 publisher Sega. As you may have guessed, it's a little gizmo that keeps track of results at Euro 2004, and in this case whacks them on a screensaver. You can download it directly by clicking this link - just make if you're at work that the IT department doesn't throw a wobbly about a piece of software interacting with the Internet. (Heaven forbid.)

Battlefield Vietnam has been patched this week to version 1.02.2 (we don't understand), and according to the readme file, the patch fixes a bug in the client that caused the game to exit rather unceremoniously to the desktop, whilst also making a couple of changes on the server side. You can get hold of the files by heading here - 16.7MB for the client patch, 3.6MB for the server.

Another war-y sort of game, Hidden & Dangerous 2, has also been patched, dragging the game kicking and screaming to version 1.06 (that one we can just about figure out). The accompanying text highlight a number of minor issues which have been fixed, including "Rename profile bug", "Other players not moving after joining or restarting a game", and the equally frustrating "Defusing and first aid completed in different times on normal and dedicated servers". 3.7MB upgrade and 15.7MB full archives available here.

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