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RTCW downloads called into question

Did we even download them?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

On June 5th, brand new Barn and Chateau maps were released for RTCW Xbox owners to download, giving Live-enabled gamers something else to play with besides the default loadout. However, forum and newsgroup reports now suggest that perhaps these maps were on the game disc after all.

According to said reports, as gathered by Boomtown, each map apparently weighed in at a mere eight blocks - smaller than most game saves - and page 26 of the game manual actually has pictures of them both. The implication being that both were already on the disc and that the eight-block file merely unlocked the pair of them for use.

Of course there's no official confirmation of the above, but if it were to be true, it would be something of a blow to those of us without Xbox Live. After all, RTCW is still a laugh in System Link mode, so why restrict the use of these two, apparently rather enjoyable, multiplayer extras? And given that this isn't even a first party Microsoft title, how many other games are likely to pull this trick?

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