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EA unveils new Simpsons game

Parodying GTA, EverQuest, more.

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EA is working on a new Simpsons title that parodies the likes of EverQuest, Grand Theft Auto and Medal of Honor.

Described as a 16-level "action comedy" with a storyline penned by the long-running TV show's long-running writers, the new Simpsons game is due out on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, DS and PSP this autumn.

It's being put together by EA Redwood Shores, and is full of touches that EA reckons fans of the series - now 400 episodes old - will find exciting, like individual title animations and stories for each of the 16 levels, which are being treated like episodes.

Players will get to control a pair of Simpsons family members in each one, allowing for co-operative play with a friend, and whether it's Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa under their thumbs players will be able to employ special powers - with Bart transforming into Bartman and Homer into Homerball.

The show's familiar cast will all be around, and voiced by their respective actors, as players journey through Springfield and "vast worlds beyond", battling in comic recreations of familiar game settings.

"Our goal in developing The Simpsons Game is to create the most original game ever, which is a lofty goal and only possible given the close collaboration with The Simpsons' creative team," said Scot Amos, executive producer.

"We're also especially proud of the game's warm visual feel, which captures - for the first time ever in a game - the look of the TV show. As Comic Book Guy says, 'Best. Simpsons Game. Ever!'"

Meanwhile, the TV Simpsons' executive producer James L. Brooks said he was thinking of suing EA "for second hand exhaustion".

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