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EA planned Dead Space 2 Wii port?

CV also shows scrapped Simpsons sequel.

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A Wii version of EA survival horror sequel Dead Space 2 was at one point in time in existence, according to newly unearthed developer CVs.

A Tweet by Supererogatary that was spotted by Destructoid points towards two LinkedIn profiles - one from EA employee Gerry Sakkas who claims to have been lead QA on the cancelled title, and one from freelancer Matt Spriggens who claims to have been a level designer.

EA attempted to get the franchise up and running on Wii in 2009 with on-rails spin-off Dead Space: Extraction but it met with poor sales despite positive reviews.

Spriggens' resume also lists design work on a "Simpsons 2 prototype", presumably a follow-up to EA's middling 2007 effort The Simpsons Game.

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