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Conan, Simpsons demos on Live

Giant statues and pectorals.

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Demos for The Simpsons and Conan are now available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Simpsons sampler weighs in at 442.71MB and challenges you with stopping the giant Lard Lad statue from rampaging around Springfield. But it won't be easy as Homer and Bart must fend off waves of Krusty dolls while avoiding the nasty laser attacks and stomping feet of the statue.

Or you can whip your clothes off and flex your way around Hyboria in the Conan demo, which bulges at 483.84MB. Here you'll be able to play for 15 minutes and witness a few short video segments.

The Simpsons will be released on 2nd November, and you can read our first impressions of it over on the front page now.

Conan, on the other hand, is already out. It got a solid thumbs-up from us, although we would suggest waiting for it to drop in price a little before picking it up. Read our Conan review to find out why.

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