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Black & White for PSP, DS

Lionhead's god sim on handheld.

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While developers at Lionhead crack on with a sequel to Black & White, US publisher Majesco has revealed that PSP and DS versions of the 2001 god sim are also on the way.

Both games will be titled Black & White Creatures, according to US website IGN, and will take the original in a brand new direction.

The DS version will feature eight different islands to lord it over, and ten kinds of creature to control. It'll make full use of the DS's touch screen capability and you'll be able to train your creature by drawing with the stylus. You can also use it to punish the creature if it gets things wrong, presumably by poking it in the eye.

The game will also use voice commands, so you can give your character gentle encouragement - or a barrage of shouty abuse - via the DS's in-built microphone.

Several gameplay modes are promised for both the PSP and DS versions - along with the basic single player mode there's Creature Quest, Creature Pen and Creature Battle, which offers wireless creature-vs-creature fights.

There's also a selection of mini-games such as Creature Dance, which tests your creature's ability to get down with the funk-jive, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Black & White Creatures is being developed by UK studio Full Fat, whose other projects include BloodRayne and Advent Shadow for PSP. It's due for a release early next year.

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