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Test Drive Unlimited for PC

X360 exclusive no more.

Atari's confirmed that Eden Studios' forthcoming Xbox 360 racer Test Drive Unlimited will also be released on PC, as was hinted back at the publisher's Go Play event in October when we took a look at it.

Atari aims to release both versions during fiscal 2007 - so, between this April and March 2007 - although there are no further details on any distinguishing features or owt.

TDU's looking pretty good, actually, despite any reservations we might have had about the Test Drive name - Eden's built a racing environment out of Honolulu, and the idea is that you'll be able to race against real people that you meet while zooming around connected to Xbox Live.

The sense of speed's pretty impressive, and Eden's gone to Gotham-esque levels of car detail and perhaps even further - you can wind down the windows here to improve the sound of Hawaii rushing past your face. Brill.

We'll let you know more when we get to play it again. In the meantime, check out our Go Play impressions.