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FireStarter demo released

FireEntrée ready soon.

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It's unusual these days for a demo to clock in at less than 100MB, so kudos to GSC Game World for cramming a single-player level, multiplayer options and even a benchmark mode into one 64MB download for their FireStarter FPS demo this week.

According to the developer, the demo lets you tackle a level from the first episode of the game using one playable character - the Policeman. The final game will also let you play as an Agent, a Gunslinger, a Cyborg, a Mutant and a Marine, each with different skills and weapon preferences.

You can download the 64MB demo from here (the Torrent speeds are thunderous this morning) and there's a list of mirrors on the developer's website here.

It's worth noting however before you go ahead and download it that there are some issues with the demo. According to a forum post from the FireStarter team: "We have to admit that while compiling a demo there was a mistake made. We are preparing a patch to address the character speed issues, as well as clarify the RPG aspect of the game." Apparently we can expect to see the patch appear at sometime today.

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