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VU planning Fight Club game?

Well, obviously we can't talk about it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

1UP has drawn our attention to a report in the Official US PlayStation Magazine (just as well, given that we haven't seen too many copies of that around here lately), which claims that Vivendi-Universal Games is planning to release a PS2 game based on the Fight Club movie.

Described as a one-on-one 3D brawler with locations based on film sets and similarly gritty visuals, the Fight Club game is apparently underway at Scottish developer Genuine Games, and may be on its way to other platforms besides the PS2. The Official US PS Mag apparently pointed to a fall 2004 release date.

VU Games has yet to announce anything Fight Club related, and it's difficult to imagine why they would consider it at this late stage (is there some sort of uber DVD special edition due out next Christmas or something?), but we'd certainly be interested to see how the brutal spontaneity of the film's fight scenes could be translated for gamers.

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