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FIFA on N-Gage

With Bluetooth multiplayer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With the excitement of the N-Gage's worldwide launch just about dying down, we feel it's safe to note that EA now plans to release FIFA 2004 on the Finnish "game deck" by the end of the year.

Although there's no firm release date, we're told to expect "amazing 3D stadium graphics, and head-to-head multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth wireless technology," along with the game's requisite season 2004 authenticity (6,000 real players, 300 official teams, etc).

Meanwhile, while Nokia is projecting multi-million-unit sales for 2004, there's no official word yet on how well the N-Gage has done since it was officially released two days ago on October 7th. Although given their excitement about the launch (and indeed everything to do with N-Gage), we're expecting to hear from Nokia about it very soon.

Oh, and as soon as they send over a review unit or two, we'll be happy to bring you our verdict on some of the games.

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