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X05 to go Dutch?

X360 could smoke in Amsterdam.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft's X0 event, the oft-annual platform for displaying its forthcoming game titles and hardware, will apparently be held in Amsterdam this year.

The information comes from a memo to investors and the US media by American Technologies research analyst, P.J. McNealy, who declared, "the other big event is expected to be X05 in Amsterdam in early October, where launch titles and hardware are expected to be showcased for developers worldwide."

When contacted, Microsoft UK's rep could not confirm or deny the information in the memo, saying, "we’ve yet to announce the venue for X05." Although given the position of McNealy, it would appear the location details would have a fair amount of credence. The analyst also stated in his memo that he believes next generation console, Xbox 360, is on track for its November launch, and the price will be around USD 299, with the option of a 20-gig hard drive at USD 60-99.

X05 will be held on October 4th and 5th this year, providing gaming industry attendees the chance to see Xbox 360 and the forthcoming games for both current and next generation Microsoft consoles. And get drunk, presumably. It's also possible that we'll see confirmation of the console pricing, although the release date - believed to be November 25th in Europe - may be confirmed beforehand.

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