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Pro Evo 3 details released

November, PS2 exclusive, etc.

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In news that won't surprise anybody, Konami says Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is on course for a November release exclusively on PS2. And apparently the latest title in KCET's football series will be significantly revamped.

The laundry list of improvements will certainly tickle the fancy of WE6 diehards whose copies of Final Evolution are no doubt wearing a bit thin by now. This time out we're promised new player models, a proper, toggle-able fatigue model, referees who play the advantage, off the ball moves beyond the usual shoulder button headless chicken dance and a revitalised Master League. Gamers will even be able to pick a lone player to control throughout the match.

From the very outset, we're told, PES3 is a marked improvement. Menus are more concise, offering easy access to friendlies, tournaments and the four-division Master League, while KCET has also added a Shop element, which allows players to spend points accumulated via training and exhibition modes. These points are worth new stadiums, crowd effects, teams, players, strategies and even hair styles, giving dedicated PES players a bit more bang for their buck.

On the pitch, we're looking at a significant aesthetic overhaul. Konami says 80 per cent of in-game animations have been renewed, with a new graphics engine at work that offers more detail than ever before, allowing for proper facial expressions, more visible injuries and even head bandages, strapped limbs and long sleeves for chilly weather.

Konami's announcement today doesn't mention whether or not players will have the correct names, but we imagine that in-keeping with PES2 the sequel will offer pretty much everything except the Dutch, who will remain Oranges001, 2, 3, etc.

Although Konami didn't get back to us about how many of these changes will be in Winning Eleven 7 (which is due out on PS2 in Japan on August 7th), we've heard several of them mooted in connection with the Japanese release, and will of course be bringing you our thoughts on it sometime early next month.

And, sorry, we still don't know about a Cube release for WE7. We should bloody well hope so, though.

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