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Warcraft movie on the way

Hit MMO heads to the big screen.

Yes, yet another videogame is getting turned into a movie - and this time it's the turn of hit PC MMO World of Warcraft.

That's according to the New York Times, which reckons Blizzard will officially announce the project later today. There's no word on who will direct or star, but we do know it's being produced by Legendary Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Legendary is also the production company behind the excellent Batman Begins and forthcoming blockbuster Superman Returns.

"We try to make big, epic, immersive games at Blizzard, and we have a track record of making some of the best games in the world," Blizzard bigwig Paul Sams told the Times.

"Similarly, our goal is to make one of the best films in the world. With Legendary, they have a creative and management team that is so attuned with us it was like we were separated at birth.

"We want to make a movie that will not only appeal to our existing fans, but will also bring in people that have never heard of Warcraft before."

More details soon...