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BioWare to debut two new games

Jade Empire joined by Dragon Age and The Witcher at this year's mega trade show.

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With the show kicking off in just two short days (or long ones, if you're flying halfway round the world this afternoon), BioWare has announced that it will show off Jade Empire and a pair of new products at E3 this year.

Jade Empire, as RPG doubtless recall, is a magical role-player set in ancient China, which will be released exclusively on Xbox. The game will be on Microsoft's booth this year, and we already know plenty about it.

The two new titles, however, will probably steal more than their fair share of the limelight. The first of them, Dragon Age, is a brand new PC RPG based on a new fantasy world from BioWare, and will be shown off behind closed doors to a small number of journalists, although obviously a lot more details will be announced to the wider world during the show.

The Witcher, meanwhile, is an action-RPG developed by Polish team CDProjekt and powered by BioWare's Aurora engine. The Witcher isn't an entirely new title in the same was as Dragon Age, however, as we seem to recall it was mentioned last year in some manner or other. Still - BioWare-backed PC RPGs will always find a big audience, and with the game taking pride of place in BioWare's pre-E3 line-up, it must be shaping up to be something special.

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